Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flixel Defender / Flixel Tutorials

I finished two Flixel tutorials today. One is a Defender-esque demo shooter. It includes a simple enemy that floats at you which you have to kill. I need to read up on creating a high score record for between games, thus far my record is 1030.

The other tutorial is a semi-platform style game by Matthew Casperson, whom is resposible for porting Flixel to Android. Currently it is a simple platform with 4 enemies to kill. It is this work that got me excited to start building Android Flixel games. However, it also humbled me some as well, since it was my first run with Java coding and took me a little while to get my development enviroment up and running.

So I am contemplating placing the apk file links for download for those interested in playing around with the Demos. Just not sure since none of the work is mine, other than the porting to Android.

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