Monday, August 9, 2010

APK File Explorer

Well, I was working on finding a APK file explorer, and I learned a few things in my search. First, APKs are really Android's version of a Java JAR file, and Second, WINRAR does a nice job of file exploring those APKs. So now, I am plunging the depths of other games, while playing them and finding a wide variety of coding practices, and of course laughed at my own notes. I guess some comments inside of code were meant for only the coder, or so it seems.

Also, I have been working towards a completed thought on two fronts, while I finish up Ninjas. 1)An IDE based on Java running on Android 2.2 x86, since lets face it, every thing can be done with a simple text editor and a Java complier. So that means a working JDK for Android, and 2) An original game of my own design. One that can be released in a book style Chapter format, where each successive installment is patched into the original game, at some point later becoming a MMO style platform game. Having trouble deciding on either a Ghost 'n' Golbins style format platformer, or a quasi-fighting game aka Street Fighter style. For now, it seems I am going to concentrate on working out the FlxTilemap issues so that it can be used.

And now back to Ninja's Attack

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