Friday, August 20, 2010

Ninjas, Ninjas, Ninjas

Well here is the first release of the Ninja's Game.  I am still working out some of the issues with enemy attacks. But the scoreboard is working along with life counters.  Left to do is a spawn timer and development of some mazes in order to fully enjoy the game.  From a learning / programming aspect, it is been a very deep dive requiring lots of reading, then coding, then troubleshooting issues and the DREADED NullPointerException of Gooey Java death.  Now if I could just make a game where the user had X amount of time to program the completed code to finish up, Geeks everywhere would have a good time, just like me.

While I am thinking about it - I have a Motorola Droid cell phone that I play all these games on, while the guys at the office have a variety of Android phones that do not have keypads.  So I am wondering if I should start working towards making the attack buttons on screen for pushing and use the tilt features of the phone to move.  It would make these games playable for them as well.  And while they all think its cool, they just currently have no way to play right now.
So as I finish up this demo, because it is not going to be a fully polished game, maybe I will start trying to work out reading that input with Flixel.

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