Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ninja Platformer Demo

Well the tutorial is finished and the ninjas game is finally completed. I do wonder if they trouble shoot thier code since there are a couple of bugs within the coding itself. For example, since they are not immediately killing enemy ninja stars, as they pass through your hit box, they will wipe out all ten stars.  Although I heard one complaint about it being so small to see, I am starting to agree, that it indeed is very small to stare at for long periods of time; however, you can do loads of things with that size.

So, I am working on whether I am going to continue on to the next project or go back and revisit Ninjas for a version 2.0, which would include power ups and larger Ninjas. A background and some level stages would also be cool.  So even if i don't immediately revisit the demo, I could easily revamp it. maybe once I get actively publishing on Android Market and need some through down games.

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